For Scholarship Information please email us at:




To access the ACE DFW Scholarship Application you will need to log into your ACE student account with the email address and password you used when you registered for the program. You must be a current ACE DFW student in your senior year of high school to apply and you must be actively participating in one of the local ACE DFW programs.

Once you log into your ACE profile make sure you are on the "HOME" screen look for home in the upper left bar on your screen. You should see two tabs on the main screen, click on the "SCHOLARSHIPS" tab and you should see all of the current applications that are available. Please apply only to the scholarship location where you attend ACE; if an application is open to all ACE DFW students it will be noted as such.



If you have received an ACE DFW scholarship in the past it is important that you keep in touch with us to insure that you receive all of your funds. For those of you who received a scholarship that pays out over multiple years it is your responsibility to request the funds from ACE DFW each year. You can contact us at the email address above if you have questions with regards to your payments. Funds are sent directly to your college or university from ACE DFW, please note that this process takes time. You should allow 2-3 weeks for ACE DFW to process your request and send the funds to your college or university. After ACE DFW send the funds to your college or university they will need time to process the money and post it to your account. We recommend that you submit your distribution information by mid-July to insure the funds are available for your use when school starts in late August. 

For those of you who were awarded a scholarship prior to 2018 the process may have changed. We are now using your student profile from ACE to track your distributions. This is a new process for ACE DFW as well so please be patient as we implement this new system. It is important that you request your funds in a timely manner to insure your school receives the funds on time. If you have any questions please contact us at the email listed above.